Artist portrait by Julie Rae Powers

Nick Norman (b. 1994) is a trans* artist, writer, and educator based in Covington, KY. Obsessed with water and the internet, they use physical and digital mediums to address themes of queerness and transformation. With a background in photography and creative writing, they use both methods of story telling to construct queer archives.

Norman grew up in the era of MySpace, when performing an identity on the internet was a new phenomena. Through a practice of self-portraiture that spans over a decade, Nick has documented many seasons of self. They invite viewers to access a portion of their archive and witness the unfolding of a queer identity in “the cr33k.”

As part of their practice, Norman participates in collaborative projects to build community with other artists. Their most recent curatorial project, a labor of love, is a publication made in collaboration with Soft Lightning Studio that features the work of 56 artists.

Norman has exhibited in group exhibitions at BOX13 Artspace (Houston, TX); Midwest Center for Photography (Wichita, KS); and Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati, OH). Their work was published in Primal Sight, a photo book by Efrem Zelony-Mindell and Gnomic Books.

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Contributor for Zora J Murff’s forthcoming book True Colors (or, Affirmations in a Crisis) published by Aperture Foundation

nothing here Episode 06 | Nick Norman with Drew Nikonowicz and Efrem Zelony-Mindell

Safe Travels at Study Hall Gallery | Curated by Sydney Ellison

Studio Coordinator at Visionaries + Voices, Cincinnati, OH


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